My approach to therapy

  • I tend to focus on the here-and-now, and I will encourage you to pay attention to your emotional and physical feelings and sensations during and between our sessions.
  • Understanding your past is important but I avoid getting bogged down in the analysis of it.
  • As a body-oriented therapist my work is based on the principle that mind and body are not separate entities, but affect each other. The body reflects both our current state of mind & health, and also our past experiences. Emotions can be held and expressed in the body, and let go through appropriate physical intervention (massage, movement, breath work).
  • I encourage creativity in my clients and may use visualisation, drawing or the use of transitional objects or role play to open up new perspectives.
  • I believe life should be lived as joyfully as possible, and my aim is to help you connect with what’s important and fulfilling to you.