Metamorphic Technique

A simple approach to self-healing and creativity within the individual

Metamorphosis is the movement of transformation from who you are to what you can be, freeing your creativity

Gaston Saint-Pierre, Founder of the Metamorphic Technique

The practice of the Metamorphic Technique involves a light touch on specific areas of the feet, hands and head. 

Practitioners make no claims for the Technique, though it is a fact that many people who have sessions have reported an array of different benefits.  In some cases people report changes that are immediately noticeable, while in others they are more subtle. They can range from general feelings of having more energy and confidence to improvements in physical, mental or emotional health, releasing of old habits or gradually letting go of past hurts. People will sometimes report significant changes in the way they feel and think about themselves; they may experience a greater sense of purpose and inner strength.  Some people have described it like ‘coming home to themselves’.

I trained with Gaston Saint-Pierre, the founder of the Metamorphic Technique, in 2007.

There is no physical manipulation or diagnosis involved and you do not need to discuss any personal issues or disclose medical history. The practitioner does not aim to address specific symptoms or problems, or impose their will, or seek to direct the recipient’s life in any way.

It is entirely up to each individual to determine the number and frequency of sessions they receive. Some people are happy to have just one session, while others have sessions every so often or when they feel the need.

It is not a therapy or treatment, and therefore the fee is based only on one hour of my time, which is £50.

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